Intel and ARM unveil a joint venture to bring ARM chips to Intel processors

Intel and Arm have unveiled a joint project that would bring the ARM architecture to Intel CPUs, the companies said Wednesday.

The announcement comes as ARM has launched a new $4 billion funding round led by the German government and the German research company Siemens.ARM has a deep expertise in mobile processors and has built the Cortex A8 processor that powers the new Intel chips, which are designed for IoT devices.ARM, based in the U.S., said it will work with Intel to make the new ARM-based chips, called Intel Atom, in a “seamless” fashion that would allow them to be integrated into devices that already have the Intel processor.

The ARM chip, called Atom, will be Intel’s most widely-available mobile processor and will be used by a wide range of consumer, enterprise, and industrial applications, ARM said.

ARM’s Atom processors have become the go-to chips for smartphones and tablets.

Intel, based out of Irvine, Calif., said its chip will work alongside ARM chips for devices that are built on the Intel platform.

It will be compatible with the Intel Atom platform that has been built by Intel since 2014.

Intel plans to sell Atom chips with Intel Atom processors in consumer products as well as in enterprise servers and enterprise networking.

The Atom chips are expected to be available in 2017, and the Intel-ARM partnership is expected to last a year, Intel said.

Intel announced the Atom-based processors last year and plans to offer them for some time.

The announcement of the Intel partnership with ARM came as ARM unveiled its latest chip.

ARM announced it had received funding from a private equity firm in August for a $1 billion venture to build an ARM-powered phone.

ARM CEO Steve Lin told reporters that ARM was aiming to make Atom a universal chip platform that could be used on other chipsets.