When Electronics for Kids Gets A Little Smart

article A new device from GE is bringing electronic devices to a whole new level with the ability to learn to use them.

The new GE Electronic Intelligent Learning Device (EIL) is a wireless learning device that can learn to learn with the help of smart technology.

The device, which was shown at the EIC 2017 trade show, is the brainchild of the company’s GE Ventures group.

GE Ventures is a group that helps startups get started, grow, and create businesses.

The EIL is being developed by GE Ventures with the support of the US Department of Education, which funds more than 2,000 startups in more than 80 countries.

The technology is powered by the same GE technology that powers the smart speaker.

The device can teach the user to play a piano, use a calculator, or even play video games, according to the company.

The EIL can even tell you what color the sun is by counting the number of colors it emits.

The system uses smart technology that allows the device to learn how to learn, according the company, and it can do so with just two commands.

It is able to learn in real time as well as in a virtual environment.

The learning device is a little like a computer that has been designed to learn.

It has a computer core, which can teach itself, and the ability for it to communicate with other components.

These components include sensors, accelerometers, cameras, and other sensors.

The core can be programmed with different programs to do various tasks.

The core can also be programmed to communicate, which is what the EIL does.

This allows the learning device to communicate and control other components with one voice.

In addition to its learning capability, the Eil can also connect to a smartphone and learn.

This is useful when it is necessary to learn something on the go, as well.

The company is also developing an app for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices.