What to Know About the New York City Office of Energy Efficiency

New York state announced Tuesday it plans to create a new Office of Environmental Innovation and Sustainability (OES) to improve the efficiency of energy use in the state.

The Office of Efficient Energy and Sustaining the City of New York will be headed by Dr. David Cote, a professor at New York University and an expert in renewable energy.

A similar office was created by the New Jersey legislature in 2018, and has since been tasked with developing strategies to improve energy efficiency in New Jersey.

The office is also tasked with reviewing environmental impact statements, developing and sharing information about renewable energy, and helping to support state and federal efforts to address the issue of climate change.

The state’s plan calls for a 10-member team of energy efficiency experts to work with state and local governments to develop a plan for sustainable energy and to support their energy policies.

OES will work with local agencies to evaluate their energy efficiency plans and ensure that the goals are met.

The New York office will also be tasked with building a statewide program to develop and implement strategies for renewable energy development, including by leveraging the expertise of New Jersey and other states.

The move is the latest step in New York’s efforts to develop renewable energy and help build a clean economy.

In May, the state announced it was setting up a $1.9 billion renewable energy fund, which will be used to support energy efficiency programs.

The fund will be distributed by the Department of Energy’s Office of Renewable Energy.