How to install a smart home control app on an iPad (for iPhone and iPad Mini)

The latest Apple gadget might be a new smart home hub and control system.

But it might also be a handy tool for managing your home, including a new iPad mini.

A new app for iPad mini owners to control their devices from a mobile phone, or even a remote control, could be an ideal addition to any home.

Smart home hub A new smart device can also control your home from a connected smart device, such as an Apple TV or Apple TV Remote.

This is a great opportunity for you to create a more connected home, with an easier-to-use, more personalised experience.

For example, if you’re an Apple Watch user, this could be a good opportunity to make more use of your Apple TV.

A smart home is a more efficient use of resources, and it’s a much more useful tool for controlling and monitoring your home and business, both indoors and out.

Here’s how to install an app on your iPad Mini, and how to control your devices from an Apple device.