New Intel chipset supports ARM-based CPUs

Posted May 07, 2018 09:05:07 The new Intel chip that the company announced on Wednesday has a new CPU architecture, but it also supports ARM processors.

The Intel Atom Z3560 comes in two versions.

One, called the Z3550, has a quad-core CPU and 16GB of RAM, while the other, called Z3570, has an octa-core processor and 16 gigs of RAM.

The Z3520 supports dual-channel DDR3L memory and supports up to four USB 3.0 ports.

Intel says the Z2560 supports up the ARM architecture to the T-430X, which is a processor that can do a bit more than just run a bunch of ARM cores.

It supports the ARM Cortex A57 CPU, ARM Cortex-A53 processor, ARM Mali-T760 GPU, ARM GPU Adreno 305, Mali-400 GPU, Mali T860 GPU, and Intel HD Graphics 5000 GPU.

AMD is also using the new chipset in its Ryzen platform, but its Ryzen 7 CPUs support the CPU, GPU, memory, and storage architectures that Intel is using.

I’m not going to talk about the new chipsets, which are only officially announced on Intel’s site and don’t have a price tag.

They’re only available in Europe, but there’s no indication if they’ll be available in other parts of the world.

For now, I can only speculate about the chip.

Why did Intel introduce a new processor architecture?

Intel is introducing a new chip architecture called the Atom Z3020.

The Atom Z3000, for example, is a quad core CPU with 4 cores, and 4GB of L3 cache.

You might remember that the Intel Atom was discontinued a while ago, but Intel is still releasing processors with the Atom branding.

While Intel hasn’t officially announced any new chips, it has been teasing a new architecture for years.

In 2016, Intel said it would launch an Intel Atom-based tablet with the Core M architecture.

In 2017, Intel announced the Atom-branded Core i7-7500U, which was the first Intel Atom processor with a quadcore CPU.

So, if Intel has a different Atom architecture for this chipset, that might mean that it’s introducing a whole new CPU family, too.