How to store nitrogen for use in electronics

An Australian company is looking to convert the most toxic form of hydrogen into a fuel.

The company, Nanoparticles Inc., has developed a process that turns nitrogen into an electrical waste fuel, which can be converted into electricity by using the electron configurations of the nanoparticles.

The process uses a nanoparticle as the electron configuration and a small metal plate to store the hydrogen.

The hydrogen is released when the plate is exposed to an electrical current.

The team at Nanopapers says the process works on both organic and inorganic materials, but the process is more efficient for organic materials.

“It’s essentially a catalyst that makes the catalyst react with the hydrogen inorganic material and you get a catalyst in the form of an electron,” said co-founder and chief executive officer, Rob Sperling.

“And when the catalyst is excited, it’s able to convert that hydrogen into something that can be used in electronics.”

Nanoparticles is based in the Sunshine Coast, Victoria.