Why we need a phosphorus electron in our grid

The Environmental Protection Agency will announce its plans for a new EPA phosphorus-rich air pollutant on Monday.

The agency said it’s going to use phosphorus as a key ingredient in the Clean Power Plan, the president’s plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The EPA will release details of the plan on Monday, along with new rules to address pollution from coal plants.

The Clean Power plan aims to reduce emissions from existing power plants by 26 percent by 2025.

It would require states to reduce pollution from new coal plants by half by 2030.EPA spokesman Mark Rose said in a statement that the agency is looking at a variety of options to meet its goal.

One of those options is the use of phosphorus as part of a new pollutant mix, the EPA said.

The agency has been looking at different ways to make phosphorus more efficient in its use.

The phosphorus could be used to improve efficiency, reduce emissions, reduce the amount of pollutants in the air and reduce the risk of ozone pollution.

It could also be used as an alternative to sulfur dioxide.

The new plan would be released under the Clean Air Act.

It says the agency will work with states to develop an air pollution management plan, and EPA will issue rules for how phosphorus can be used.