Why electrons are more abundant than hydrogen: A new study

The reason electrons are so abundant is because they are so small.

It’s the same reason they make up so much of the universe: They are so tiny that they can’t interact with each other.

The atoms in your cell phone are tiny compared to the electrons in a strand of hair.

The electrons are also so tiny because the electron’s nucleus is so small that it’s not very big.

The reason the electron doesn’t interact much with its environment is because it’s so small, too.

That’s because the energy that it takes to interact with the nucleus of a proton is so tiny, so the electron cannot make the trip all the way to the proton.

And so, because the nucleus is small, there’s no way that the electron can make that long trip.

That means electrons are just more abundant in the universe than hydrogen and helium.

That is why it makes sense to be more excited about the discovery that electrons are almost certainly a lot more abundant today than they were when they were first discovered.

This discovery may well lead to the discovery of a new element, but it may also lead to more energy for the Earth, and perhaps even life itself.