When you need to charge your phone, you don’t want a battery with a lot of dead electrons

I have an iPad, which has a battery pack.

I can charge it, and I can even charge it for about 10 hours.

That’s enough time to go to sleep and do what I need to do, like watch TV.

And if I want to sleep, I can do that too.

But the battery life I have with that pack is just a fraction of what you can get from a conventional, high-capacity battery.

There are a few different kinds of batteries out there, and each has its pros and cons.

But there’s a very basic idea behind them: a battery is a storage device for energy.

It stores the energy you need when you need it, so you can keep the power on until you need more.

But it’s a battery, too.

It can’t just be used for power; it has to be charged.

It needs to be recharged when you do need to use it.

This is why a battery can charge for so long.

It’s just like a computer.

A computer has a hard disk.

A battery has a magnetic field inside it.

When you want to charge it again, it needs to get out of that magnetic field.

You have to charge the battery by putting the magnetic field in another place.

That is, it’s like a battery bank.

The more charge it gets, the longer it can last.

A conventional battery, which you can buy at a hardware store, stores energy for a short time.

You don’t really need to recharge it.

It will just keep getting charged until you don