How to build the world’s smallest electronic clock using 3D printing

Posted by BleacherReport on September 28, 2018 11:22:14A 3D printer is capable of creating 3D objects from a solid material, and the most recent breakthrough in that area comes from a German company, Electron.

Electron has created a 3D-printed circuit board for its Electron i5 microcomputer that allows it to power the computer by itself with just two components.

The Electron board also uses a battery pack that has a high capacity, as well as the ability to use a variety of power sources, like USB, solar power and even a power bank.

Electron also built a custom enclosure for the chip that can use up to 80 percent less power than standard enclosures.

While the chip itself is a single component, it has a number of components that are interconnected in a way that makes it more energy efficient than standard desktop computers.

Electrons team is hoping that the design can be used in the future to make other microprocessors smaller and lighter.

In addition to making them easier to power and use, this could also allow them to be used for things like monitoring devices or other electronics that need to be plugged in without having to remove them from the computer.

Electronic Clock Is Small, but PowerfulElectron is also making a small but powerful 3D printed circuit board.