Apple’s Aluminum Energeek aluminum electron is finally here

Apple finally unveiled its new aluminum-focused design in July, but the first aluminum-branded Apple device hasn’t yet hit the shelves.

Now the company has officially unveiled the first iPhone X, the first product with the aluminum alloy aluminum electron.

AppleInsider’s Aaron Belkin reported the news this morning.

The iPhone X is described as a “powerful yet elegant design that is optimized to deliver power and functionality in a premium aluminum frame.”

The aluminum alloy is used in a range of products including the MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, and the iPhone X. Apple’s design team claims that aluminum is a “material with the highest strength, thermal conductivity, and lightness,” and is “designed to last for years.”

It is also a “high-density material that resists wear and tear.”

AppleInsiders reports that the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and 8S will have aluminum frame, while the iPhone 9 will have an aluminum frame.

The new iPhone will be available in a black and white color scheme, as well as a gold-colored variant.

The company says the aluminum-based iPhone X “is the first of a new range of aluminum products with a sleek, premium design and an amazing battery life.”

Apple is aiming to release at least 10 new iPhones in 2017, with the company estimating that it will produce 10 million iPhone Xs this year.