The fluoride debate in Israel and America

Fluoride is a poison.

But the argument is being made that its presence in the water supply is a blessing and a deterrent.

The American Fluorides Action Network is making the case for the use of fluoride in the US water supply, saying it has helped reduce dental cavities and the incidence of tooth decay and that the chemicals used to make it work are less harmful to humans than those used in fluoridation of water in the UK.

The group said it was not a matter of “curse or glory” for Israel to be the first country in the world to use fluoride, noting that the country’s treatment of its water has been “satisfactory” and that it has a “good reputation” among its international partners.

The Israeli water company, Israel’s National Water Company (INWE), has been in the spotlight in recent months after a number of lawsuits, some filed by citizens, have accused it of deliberately poisoning the public.

In response, the company said that it is in the process of cleaning up water samples taken from Israeli residents to “better protect our water supply and safeguard the health of our citizens”.

“We believe in the precautionary principle and will use every precaution to ensure that the water we are delivering to our customers is safe for the citizens of Israel,” INWE said in a statement.

The US is the only major country to have fluoridated its water.

But it has yet to introduce any other form of water treatment, although it does use a form of the chemical in the form of a chemical called fluoride sulfate, which is not harmful to anyone.

The UK, meanwhile, has used fluoridated water for decades, despite criticism from scientists and doctors who say it can cause dental problems and increase dental decay.

A review of the scientific literature on fluoride released by the British Medical Association in 2014 said that while its possible to reduce cavities in people by as much as 30%, this could not be achieved by drinking fluoridated drinking water.

Fluoride and other compounds found in water are sometimes used to produce a color-changing chemical called methyl mercury, which can cause the skin to become yellow.

In the US, there are no fluoridated tap water supplies, and some communities have opted for bottled water that contains fluoride.

But a report published by the US Geological Survey (USGS) in 2015 found that the amount of fluoride found in the drinking water of the majority of American cities exceeded the levels found in drinking water in other parts of the country.

The report found that there was a significant amount of methyl mercury in drinking-water samples collected in several cities, including Washington DC, Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit and Buffalo, New York.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG), an environmental organisation based in London, said in its latest report on water that it was concerned about the use by the Trump administration of chemicals found in bottled water.

“The US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) use of these chemicals is particularly concerning given the fact that they are being proposed to replace existing water supplies,” said EWG’s senior scientist Andrew Stott.

The chemical methyl mercury is known to cause severe skin reactions and can also lead to serious birth defects and developmental problems.

It can also affect the thyroid, causing hypothyroidism and death, the EWG said.

The agency has also acknowledged that methyl mercury poses a risk to humans.

In a statement, the EPA said the agency was working to identify new and more effective alternatives to the methyl mercury.

“There is no evidence that methyl mercaptans pose a risk for humans or other animals,” the statement said.